Ready To BUIDL Your Next Crypto Business?

Need help deploying your first Bitcoin ATM location? Want to expand your customer's crypto options at Point-Of-Sale? Telr knows how to get you there!

Telr empowers Crypto Service Providers with a premium suite of enterprise-ready solutions for starting, growing and eventually expanding their businesses.

One "Hot" Wallet to Rule-Them-All

Maintaining liquidity for multiple coins used to be a hard job. Now, you ONLY need (1) "Stablecoin" Wallet to support over +100 cryptos.

Bring Your Boldest Ideas To Life

Looking for a custom solution? Look no further than our community of full-stack developers, ready to BUIDL anything you need.

Built For SMB & Large Enterprises

A secure, globally-redundant network of open-source, best-in-class hardware and software; maintained by a team of dedicated and highly-experienced engineers.

Best-in-class Customer Support

We employ a world-class team of customer service professionals, well-educated in blockchain, compliance and scam prevention technology.

Telr Does Mobile First

Telr.App is YOUR
Crypto Concierge

Manage your entire crypto enterprise from the palm of your hand. Always have secure and convenient access to the data you need, when you need it most.

Your customers will ❤️ having secure, 24hr access to the private profile & transaction data they need and the helpful blockchain resources they want. *SAY GOODBYE TO SUPPORT CALLS!

Telr Works Anywhere!

Manage Your Business From ANY Device

Empowering you to manage your entire DeFi Enterprise from the palm of your hand. Always have secure and convenient access to the data you need, when you need it most.

"Telr allowed us to reduce the infrastructure of our Bitcoin ATM network by 80%. Their "all-inclusive", flat-rate billing saw a 30% increase in our bottom-line in the first 3 months."

Diana K.
CEO of Homemade Crypto
Insightful Charts & Reporting

Discover a deeper understanding of your DeFi Business, with our in-depth reporting and analysis system. Select from our standard library and/or define your own KPIs to keep you and your team on target.

Multilingual Team of Professionals

No matter where you setup shop, we've got you covered. Our team of experienced crypto professionals spans across the globe. We currently support over 12+ languages with more in the works.

Virtual & Physical Network Management

Best-in-class security is the NEW normal for crypto businesses. Our team is ready to help you deploy, manage and upgrade your private network resources.

Superior Customer Support

Help is always there, especially when you need it MOST. We offer multiple channels for direct access to our team of experienced blockchain professionals.

Kitchen-sink, Flat-rate Pricing

We built our entire network on top of the Ethereum ecosystem. Telr operators utilize a suite of Decentralized Applications (DApps) to manage it all.

Fiat Transactions
1 %

transaction value

  • 100+ Cryptos Supported
  • 15+ Fiat Currencies
  • Telr.App Concierge
  • BATM 360° Manager
  • POS 360° Manager
  • Live Customer Support
Crypto Transactions
0 %

transaction value

  • 100+ Cryptos Supported
  • 15+ Fiat Currencies
  • Telr.App Concierge
  • BATM 360° Manager
  • POS 360° Manager
  • Live Customer Support
BATM Consulting

contact us

  • NEW BATM Installations
  • Full Compliance Setups
  • Self-hosted Server Setups
  • Software Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  •     and much more...

Please Note: Prices may vary from location to location due to local taxation laws and conversion rates from U.S. Dollars.

How's Your Bottom Line?

Telr offers operators the ability to minimize, and in some cases completely eliminate, price volatility and exchange hacks that put your business at risk.


Avg "Hot" Wallet Balance Exposed to Hackers


Total Customer Reserves Lost in 2016 Bitfinex Hack


Exchanges "Hacked" On Average Each Month

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome ALL of your questions, and can only hope to have ALL the answers. Please don't hesitate to reach out to one of our team members directly.

Where are my private keys/coins stored?

Your keys are ALWAYS held by YOU and ONLY YOU. WE ALSO LOST 30% IN THE 2016 BITFINEX HACK. Together, we will NEVER have to "store" our coins on a centralized exchange again.

Is it safe to use Telr Network (while still in Beta)?
  • Our transactions are 100% non-custodial.
  • We have a team of engineers monitoring 24x7x365.
  • Your organization and customer data is backed-up DAILY and OFF-SITE following best-security practices.

I have a technical problem, who do I email?

We understand that Time Is Money! For your convenience, we support multiple LIVE messaging platforms, including: Matrix, Slack, Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp.

How can Telr help my Bitcoin ATM business?
  • Eleminate the volitity of Bitcoin's price fluctuations by keeping stablecoin "hot" wallet(s) (eg. Tether, USDC and/or Dai).
  • We manage ALL of your customer support issues, from "How do i setup a Bitcoin wallet?" to "Where are my bitcoins?"

How much does the Telr "Kitchen Sink" cost?

We offer the simplest billing program in the industry. Crypto-to-Crypto transactions are *100% FREE. Fiat-to-Crypto and Crypto-to-Fiat transactions are billed a Flat Rate of 1.0%.

Do you have an affliate program?

Absolutely! Do you know a crypto business operator, or someone who's looking to get started? Send them YOUR Affiliate Link and receive Daily Payouts *UP TO $3,000 per operator/organization.

Customers ❤️ Telr.App
Your Crypto Concierge™

We know how hard it can be to focus your time on Growing Your Business. Our Concierge service does ALL the heavy lifting for you. We've got you and your customers covered 24x7x365, allowing you to focus your time better.